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Investigations in the field of intellectual property

How to protect intellectual property abroad and in Russia


Intellectual property, like any other property, can be taken away, stolen, or involved in legal proceedings. Today it is easier to steal intellectual property than ever before. What an artist spent years of labour on can be robbed from him with the click of a button. From all points of view, loss of intellectual property is a painful situation that requires proper legal remedies.


However, a police investigation of such theft will most likely result in failure, as the situation is non-standard, and requires expertise of specialists.


Our detective agency is ready to offer you comprehensive protection of your intellectual property. We work with experts in the fields of copyright, patents, licences, and trademarks. If your competitors stole your idea, you’ve gotten into a fight with plagiarists, or you just want to protect your intellectual property for the future, we can help you. Together we can prove your exclusive rights to any intellectual property.

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