» » » » Investigation of attacks upon honour, dignity, and business reputation (defamation, black PR)

Investigation of attacks upon honour, dignity, and business reputation (defamation, black PR)

Today there are many methods and means for people to slander others and get away with it. Slander is used by individuals and companies as a way of gaining an advantage over someone else. The most common way of doing this today is via the internet. If you want to punish someone for slander, protect yourself from black PR, or delete negative reviews or information off the internet, we can help you.


Do you want to hold your offender responsible for defamation? It can be done with the proper evidence. Our operatives are ready to help you with that. They’ll compile the slanders and false statements addressed towards you. Even if it was said somewhere in private among close people, we’ll get to the bottom of it.


Today honour and dignity are still valued, and a man’s reputation is of the utmost importance to him. If someone makes false statements about you with the intent of insulting, humiliating, or damaging your reputation in any way, we can help you defend yourself. It doesn’t matter where you are attacked: it could be on the internet, in the mass media, or in court, but if it happens we can help you.


The motives may be different: revenge, the intrigues of competitors, frustration. Sometimes defamation can force a person to change his place of residence or job. It can break a successful business, destroy brands, and ruin someone’s career.


— We’re ready to protect your honour, dignity and business reputation; if you’ve been treated unfairly, or if you‘ve incurred non-pecuniary damages – we’ll help you punish someone for slander.
— We also provide support to businesses that have been attacked by competitors via black PR, or efforts at blackmail
— We can entice someone to commit slander in a way that is provable in court
— Our operatives will develop a protection system against black PR, participate in court proceedings, and the perpetrators apologize to you in public.

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