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Investigation of felonious homicides

How to hire a private detective to investigate a murder


Sometimes law enforcement agencies are not able to solve a felonious homicide, and/or their investigation is not properly conducted. The reasons for this happening can vary: a lack of necessary knowledge or resources, abuse of power, prejudice and corruption can all contribute. Sometimes for the investigation to be unbiased, it needs the involvement of foreign law enforcement officers.

But Russian power structures have made cooperation with most foreign countries impossible. Sometimes an alternative, so-called “lawyer’s version” of a crime needs to be elaborated and presented, but investigators are incapable of accomplishing this. This can equally affect both the victim and the suspect.

People come to us all the time and say, “the police aren’t investigating well, the police aren’t doing their job, what can I do?” When it comes to matters of life and death, you can trust the detectives at Legion. Because of state limitations, the best course of action in these cases is to hire a private detective to investigate a murder. When you order a private investigation of a murder you will get a comprehensive alternative investigation into the murder, so you do not have to solely rely on the police. Our detectives are ready to officially and legally investigate a felonious homicide, study all versions of the crime, go abroad if needed, and engage and cooperate with any outside authorities. All the materials we collect will provide the basis for the official criminal case, or serve as a reason for its initiation.

We work on behalf of victims of such crimes and also on behalf of the unjustly accused, who have been accused without any proof or fallen victim to unlawful provocation. The law applies to everyone, and everyone has the right to a fair, honest and independent investigation. We also assist official law enforcement agencies: when necessary we provide them with vehicles, equipment, and people. In certain related circumstances, we perform individual assignments abroad in conjunction with outside law enforcement.

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