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Investigation of incitements to suicide

How to hire a private investigation into suicide


Incitement to suicide is one of the hardest crimes to prove. By definition, it’s a homicide committed by the victim’s own hands. The telling factors in these cases can be: a broken family, bullying in school, threats from loan sharks, abuse in prison, and the influence of a sect or cult. Physical and verbal abuse, prolonged harassment, mockery and frame ups can all contribute to these unfortunate cases.


Even regular gossip may turn tragic. You can only know the true impact words and actions have on a person after conducting a thorough study of his life, environment, behavior, and health. If you suspect something like this occurred, an official investigation is not the ideal route for getting to the bottom of it; it will inevitably get hampered by a lack of resources, time or motivation.


Instead of going through the police, your best option is to hire a private detective to investigate the suicide. Our detectives work alongside specialists who can determine precisely the steps that led towards suicide. We will show you whether or not there was incitement to suicide and who is responsible. Our investigations are not limited by money or resources, but we are interested in quick and effective solutions for our customers. If you have reason to suspect that the suicide of someone close to your was purposely incited by someone else, or you’re suspected of inciting someone to commit suicide, but you had no part in it, hire our private detectives to investigate the suicide, and we will bring the truth to light.

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