Blackmail investigation

What to do if someone is blackmailing and demanding money from you


People often come to us distraught and say that someone is blackmailing and demanding money from them. At some level everyone has faced a form of blackmail. Whether a family member has threatened to tell on you or a coworker has tried to use a situation to his advantage, blackmail is encountered in all walks of life. This type of behavior is fairly common at a trivial level, but when it crosses the line into something serious, something threatening, that is when blackmail is capable of getting out of control and ruining lives. The most common instances of blackmail brought to our attention involve extortion in exchange for the concealment of compromising information, and coercion into physical contact by threatening dismissal. People get blackmailed for sex at work, blackmailers extort money with lude and compromising photographs and information, etc.


Blackmailers can also demand ransom for things not tangible, like the refutation of your inheritance rights, or withdrawal of tender. If someone gets ahold of your information — your photos, your videos, or anything that puts you in a vulnerable position — you need to act carefully to extricate yourself from the situation as quickly as possible, without damaging yourself or your reputation. We are the people who can help.
Our detectives guarantee confidentiality and delicacy:
— We’ll help you take back control over the situation.
— We’ll identify the blackmailer or defamer, and gather the evidence of blackmail or extortion.
— We’ll turn the situation back against the perpetrator
If you are being blackmailed for sex at work or someone is blackmailing and demanding money from you we will establish the identity of the blackmailer extorting money and neutralize the situation for good.

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