Fraud investigation

How to order a private investigation into fraud


It’s not easy to catch a fraudster in the act because they’re often sly, dodgy and deceptive. You can find fraud everywhere where money is involved — be it business, real estate, service, etc. In some cases swindlers flee abroad and change their passports and appearance to avoid detection. In other cases they don’t even consider it necessary to hide themselves, knowing that it will be very difficult to prove their guilt.


In any case the enquiry can take months or years, as the investigators collect evidence and search for the suspect. Sometimes the delay is due simply to a lack of resources, or the possibility of going abroad. We are not affected by such impediments.


If you order a private investigation into fraud our detectives will catch the fraudster you are after, reveal the whole picture of his scheme, and return the money stolen by the fraudster. If you want to be safe and get back what was taken from you, conduct a private investigation into fraud with Legion.

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