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Investigation of embezzlements (theft)

How to hire a detective to investigate theft


In Russia a thousand thefts take place every day – from pocket-picking to major crimes involving property and finance. Only a few of them are ever solved. In our country theft has become a folk craft, often not even looked at as a crime but as an opportunity to earn money. That’s why bicycles disappear from hallways, cars – from courtyards, money – from bank cards, things – from apartments, and billions ­– from the treasury.


A simple theft of a mobile phone can be investigated for months, and in the end you may only receive a formal acknowledgment that the crime occured. But what if a theft occurs involving billions of dollars, which end up in foreign bank accounts? With such a low investigation speed, the chances of finding your savings are very little with the police.


If someone stole things dear to your heart, or you are looking for a way to get stolen money back, or return stolen things, we can help you. If you hire a detective to investigate theft we will return to you what is yours and develop a strategy to make sure these kind of things do not happen again in the future. In our private investigations into theft our detectives will find your stolen valuables, money, or property. We’re ready to investigate theft of any scope or difficulty, all over the globe. There’s no place on earth the thief can hide from us. The work will be performed efficiently, and you won’t have to pester police departments and waste your time. Remember, you can still get what’s yours back, but time is the key.

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