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Investigation of provocations, setups, forgery by law enforcement and investigation officers.

How to file a complaint about illegal actions of the police


Everyone has seen films or tv shows where dirty cops thrive by skirting the laws and planting evidence on, or framing a case around a “suspect.” This behavior, as amusing as it is on screen, loses its luster when it occurs in real life. Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with it here in the real world.


Imagine that you went out on a date with an adult girl who you’d met online, and then later on, out of the blue, you were accused of pedophilia. In a shop you paid with money that you had honestly earned, and later you were accused of using false money. You’ve had nothing to do with either rape or deception, and yet you have to answer for these things brought against you. To put it simply, you’ve been framed. They created a situation, in which you appeared as a criminal – they brought false witnesses, dumped necessary clues, and framed you.

Or, maybe you have done something wrong, but not on the scale they are making it out to be. What about the presumption of innocence? We know exactly where to look for the truth, and are ready to come to your assistance, if you’ve fallen victim to crooked cops. Such people shouldn’t work in law enforcement, and we’ll make them go to jail.


People come to us all the time and say, “the police are violating my rights, what can I do?” Unfortunately this happens quite often and people are left with little recourse. If you want to do something about the way you are being treated, or file a complaint about the illegal actions of the police, or you want to protect yourself from police brutality, we can help you.


Our detectives will help you protect your honour, defend your dignity and your right to a fair investigation, even if you’ve made a mistake.

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