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For Journalists and members of the media

Fellow journalists, especially television broadcasters, we so often need people to interview on the record.
How often do you find yourself in a jam trying to schedule an interview with a lawyer, a cop, or even someone involved in the crime, just to get stood up at the last minute because one is suddenly busy, the other backs out, and the third has disappeared completely? So you're left having to trot out on the air the same old the same old human rights activists and “experts.”

What you really need is a fresh opinion, and a competent one at that. Someone who is not afraid to speak in front of the camera and who knows what he is talking about. There are topics that no one wants to talk about. And for obvious reasons. Like carjacking: our government officials say, “we’re working on it, we’re fighting it,” and that's the official line and that will never change.

However, in reality, cars get stolen from supermarket parking lots everyday, and while it would be useful for people to hear about these schemes and what they can do to prevent it from happening to them, all anyone will say about it is, “we’re working on it, we’re fighting it.” Now off the record people aren't afraid to talk, it's just on the record, and on camera where we have a problem.

The authorities have even made an effort to send out their experts all over the place to recite the same old annoying talking points. It was after enduring countless of these interviews that my friendship with the detectives at Legion began. If I need an independent opinion on any detective-criminal topic, I go to them. In fact, they are lawyers, policemen, psychologists, and detectives all in one. But the main thing is that they can clearly and competently express their thoughts, and they have a unique and valuable perspective.

It was fascinating to talk about family conflicts and internet crime, and learn about different fraud cases. Television interviews with them don’t even do them justice, a book should be written on their experiences.

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