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For security managers

These detectives were brought to the office by the chief. He got a recommendation from friends during some banya-football ‘event’.
I have to admit: I wasn’t happy that they showed up. I went to the boss and asked directly - am I worse than they are?
He explained to me, and I agreed, that we have to divide up our tasks. Detectives do their work, and we do ours.
There is a distinction between us, and it’s best for all of us to stay in our own lanes.
I am the head of a Security Service, I am knee-deep in questions about safety, video surveillance, alarm protocol, fire hazards, and personnel inspection. I am personally responsible for the safety of our enterprise.

So the detectives came in and started working on our rivals and our boss’s personal accounts. He is always at loggerheads with someone. The detectives have their own outside hands, retired agents, IT guys, and all the necessary administrative resources.
We also have connections, but on a number of issues they immediately took care of our headache.
On external enemies, it is always in one’s own interest to act via someone else's hand.
That’s where Legion comes in. We can’t fork out stacks of cash on special equipment, and our IT guys can hardly connect anything except the printer, and in the cases the detectives are involved in it often goes way beyond that...

So that’s how we work together. Constantly in touch, exchanging information. They're intelligence, I'm counterintelligence. And my chair stays in its place.

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