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For law enforcement officers

We all have our own special cases, which interest us more than others. We don’t work the same on these cases as we normally do; we are quicker and operate at a higher level. Because here there is some personal interest. There is something here that you can break through, or someone you can expose, so you work alongside your colleagues, gather evidence, and act in a familiar structure.

If you act officially, it's long and hard. You are met with resistance at every step, and every request you make becomes a big deal. People find out about it, then pretty soon they figure out what it is you’re up to and what you have your eyes on. Before you know it they swoop in and steal your prey. To avoid this you can try to only interact with, and rely on, the people you trust and have established relationships with, but usually these special investigations are broad and you need resources normally unavailable to you. And how many people can you actually trust? When glory, reputation, reward-- all the perks of policing are on the line, who can you trust to put their self interests aside and help you?

For a long time now I have solved most of my special cases in conjunction with Legion. With them there is no intrigue; no one is interested in my name, my rank, or my position. I don’t even go in to their office. We either correspond remotely or we meet up in the city. Furthermore, all of our interactions are clear in terms of what is being exchanged.

I pay them, they deliver for me. That’s it. There are no grey areas, and no power structures, just business transactions. Even if it were possible to do some of the things I have done with Legion in house, considering the stress and time they have saved me, I don’t think it would be worth it. As for the quality of their work, I’ve checked it a few times--it’s clear. And regarding the victim, or whoever filed the report, it makes absolutely no difference to them. All that matters is the result, and with Legion I can get them their results faster.

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