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For lawyers Dear colleagues!

The realities of our profession today are such that in defending the interests of both victims and perpetrators, we often have to not only perform the normal functions of our office, but we have to act in the capacity of an entire operative investigation team. After all, detectives and investigators are prone to concern themselves with the version of a case that is most convenient to them, in terms of saving time, advancing prospects for their careers, and lining their pockets. The information they come upon that does not fit in to the plot they’ve settled on is brushed off like an annoying fly.

In these circumstances, a good lawyer must take up his own private investigation. This is what our clients expect from us, and this is what they pay us for. But how does one actually go about conducting an investigation? After all, the actions called for here lie on the outside of the normal sphere of our activities. Conducting an investigation requires following proper protocol, dealing with the authorities, and intruding into the private lives of civilians. If you don’t handle all of this in the right way you can run into your own problems, and even lose your status as a lawyer. So how can you do investigative work without being a detective? How do you receive answers to requests that are normally only available to investigators? How do you find and question people if they do not want to be found and do not want to communicate?

All of my concerns here were assuaged by my cooperation with the Legion Detective Agency.

Legion is always ready to collect and provide my client with phone numbers, addresses, account information, marital statuses, property lookups, and all other relevant information. Any time I need to locate someone -- for whatever reason -- they do it on my behalf, and they do it in a timely fashion. Legion detectives are also capable of operating abroad which is currently something that the official law enforcement structures are unable to do. The agencies detectives are not only skilled at extracting information, but extracting it and then legalizing it so that it can be used in legal proceedings as admissible evidence.

Of course, this is a pricey pleasure. Only wealthy customers can afford a good lawyer and an intelligent detective. But in the end, the stakes in our business are high. I say if you want the best results, let each man work according to his competence: let the detectives deal with the investigation, and the lawyers with jurisprudence. It will be most productive.

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