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Crime and punishment

Is there a person in your life whom you loathe? An enemy, whose existence doesn’t let you sleep at nights. What is that person guilty of? Maybe he’s a liar. Or maybe a thief, or a murderer, or maybe he committed some other terrible crime. Maybe he made you suffer, or warped your or your loved one’s life.

Whether you tried to seek justice from the law and the government, or you didn’t do anything so as to avoid publicity, and not expose yourself, revenge is a dish which is best served cold. Revenge is a thing that an intelligent person won’t do on his own, because subjectivity and unnecessary emotions, which one can’t avoid in such situations, can lead to failure.

Crime must be followed by punishment, for such cases don’t have prescriptive limits. No matter how many years have passed, there are promissory notes that will inevitably be presented for payment.

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